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Color Picker and Library

Keep your favourite colors in one place. Import them in any software!

Monitor your websites all day with Web Ping

Color Picker & Library is a handy tool for our community of makers.

Great for designers and developers. Easy to keep your colors organized by project and share it between team members.

In a typical team, a designer can add all the colors that are going to be used in the design, export and share it with the developer. Then the developer can import the project and copy code for his application.
Each color will have a name which makes it easier in communication.

- Pick colors from the screen with live preview
- Insert colors by HEX or RGB
- Export colors to MacOS swatch, Adobe Swatch Exchange or Sketch color swatch to use them further in your projects.
- Instant color palettes for any color.
- Copy the HEX or copy the code directly into your IDE (Objective C, Swift, Android, CSS)
- Export a category into code with multiple languages supported
- Color selector from Color Wheel
- Create categories by color style or project name
- Reorder colors and categories as you wish with drag and drop
- Share categories with people you work with
- Export and store a backup for your whole color library
- Dark mode available