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Web Ping - Monitor your websites!

Monitor your websites all day with Web Ping!

We all find ourselves too busy implementing the next feature and forget to monitor our websites properly. This tiny software will ping all your websites straight from your computer and notify you when something is wrong with any of them, or when a broken website is back online.

First version of the application is now live!

Features of the Web Ping App

Launches at startup.

Pings your websites at the interval you choose.

Notifies you when a website is down / back online.

Shows you the type of error based on the status code received.

View the time of the request to be able to take actions in case requests are slow.

An infinite amount of websites.

Dark mode available

SSL check coming soon!

Color Picker and Library

Color Picker and Library is a handy tool for our community of makers.
Keep your colors in one place!

Easy to add, edit, copy, export, backup, share colors.

Great for collaboration between designers and developers. The designer can add all the colors in a new category and shares it with the developer. The developer can import and copy the code directly for multiple programming languages ( Objective-C, Swift, Android, CSS ) and has a small description of the color as well to get more context.

Keep yourself productive! Make the communication easier in your team!

New in v1.3:

  • Export one category into an entire class for developers
  • Export one category into swatches for Adobe, macOS and Sketch
  • Improved color picker with live preview

Features of the Color Library App

Store colors by HEX or RGB

Create categories by STYLE or PROJECT

Support for Dark Mode

Reorder colors and categories as you wish

Share categories with people you work with

Export and store a backup for your whole color library

Copy color HEX or directly the code for your project

More coming soon!

Stand Up - Take regular breaks!

Do you ever find yourself working for too long, forgetting to take a break? We know it harms our health: posture, eyes and the list can carry on.

Stand Up app can remind you to take a break as often as you want. And you can’t trick it: it knows exactly when you’re away from the keyboard. Using this, you will never get a random notification, we try to make them as relevant as possible.

Your privacy is protected! We don't store any data and everything is erased from your computer the next day, as well.

Easy to use, great for productivity and health.
Sitting is the worst! Take regular breaks!

New in v2.0:

  • View time spent in applications during the day
  • You can see if you had enough break time during the day

Features of the Stand Up App

Set the timer for notifications to stand up and use your standing desk

Setting up the Pomodoro technique for efficient working sessions

Support for Dark Mode

Delay notifications

All features in one small icon in the menu bar

Increase your productivity now!