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Set deadlines, become more productive
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Neo Productive

Set deadlines, become more productive!

Set deadlines, become more productive Set deadlines, become more productive Set deadlines, become more productive

Neo productive will help you achieve your goals by setting deadlines. It's known that by having deadlines, you can work harder towards your goals. Another term used by people is "Panic monster". Use this app as your panic monster.

Why Neo Productive?
This application will help you track your progress according to your timeline for each achievement.
The smartest thing about this app is the progress bar. The small line over the progress bar moves with time. If you don't fill your progress at the same speed, the progress bar will turn orange and then red, to accentuate the fact that you are behind with that achievement.

- Add achievements with a deadline.
- Add goals for each achievement. Daily goals or one time.
- Receive notifications to update your progress and track it.
- Includes an Apple Watch app for fast-tracking.
- The Apple Watch app contains most of the complications, so you can have the progress right on the watch face.
- Smart progress bar